PVC Foil Manufacturer – parameters and application

Technical parameters of our PVC foil

We specialize in producing rigid foil in the following ranges:

  • Thickness : 200 – 700 microns
  • Width : 15 – 750 mm
  • Colors : From RAL color palette

Application of our foil on the market

folia pvc

PCV Foil for thermoforming

Application of PVC Foil:

  • Production – thermoforming of organizers in boxesac


biała folia pvc

Foil for screen printing painting

Application of PVC Foil:

  • Production – painting of patterns and thermoforming of PVC wall tile shapes

Folia maskująca w plisach

Masking foilfor pleats

Application of PVC Foil:

  • Used as a masking element in windows pleats

Folia PVC z moletem

Textured foil

Application of PVC Foil:

  • Textured foil is used on folder covers

  • We also have rollers that allow you to give a different texture to the film, such as scales

Mazana folia PVC

Dyed PVC foil

Application of PVC Foil:

  • The material can be colored in the mass through a calendering process which will give it a unique color in the mass.

Folia PVC dodatkiem złotej miki

Gold PVC Foil

Application of PVC Foil:

  • Due to its fine grain size, mica mixes very well with PVC. The material can be used, for example, for decorative purposes

Folia na okienka kalendarzy

Foil for calendar windows in calendars (die-cut)

Application of PVC Foil:

  • Our film is successfully used as windows in calendars. The drop material from the die-cut can be recycled back into film, which significantly reduces unit costs.